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All of the LASER Tempe-ASU information in one place. The Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) is Leonardo/ISAST's global salon series featuring evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations with an audience. Now, ASU will host a LASER series in Tempe, AZ that will join over 40 other LASER series around the world! 

Organizer: Pam Winfrey.

Graduate Student Assitant: Fritz Smith.

Leonardo/ISAST LASER Talks

OCTOBER LASER: Why Do Zombies Refuse to Die?

Thursday, Oct 29, 5:00pm Pacific Time. 

Panelists: Jillian McDonald, Athena Aktipis, Henry Kaplan, Robin Nelson

Why Do Zombies Refuse to Die?

What is it about zombies and their staying power in our culture?  Are they trying to tell us something?

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NOVEMBER LASER: Facility of Mind: How Thinking in New Ways Can Inspire New Questions

Friday, Nov 13, 9:00am MST. (Find your timezone here)

Panelists:  Media artists boredom research, biologist Angelo Fortunato, curator Brittany Corrales. 

What are the benefits of interdisciplinary research?

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JANUARY LASER: Eco Art Featuring the Fellows

Time: TBD.

Introduction by Diana Ayton-Shenker, CEO of Leonardo

Panelists: TBD

Are artists becoming more active in social justice and if so, why?



MARCH LASER: “Resilience: From Cells to the Human Experience”

Date: TBD

Panelsists: TBD

Today, we will talk about the concept of resilience as seen through the lenses of biology, Black Lives Matter, and curation as a tool to bring communities together.  Can biological systems inform us about our own abilities to be resilient? How can creative communities be built and maintained? Can we create a new renaissance and pay attention in new ways?



APRIL LASER: “The Big Picture: How Space Exploration Informs Our Humanity and Our Technologies”

Friday, Apr 23, 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Panelists: TBD



MAY LASER: Liberation: Anti-Racism, Social Justice?  

Date: TBD

Panelists: TBD

What role does social justice play in making art? How can we give ourselves and others a voice that others might hear? Today, we bring two artist projects that deal directly with making the world a better place.

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