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Join the Leonardo Peer Review Panel

Leonardo journal, published for Leonardo/ISAST by MIT Press, has been considered the premier journal of record in the art/science/technology field for the past 50 years. In keeping with its scholarly focus, the journal editors submit manuscripts to peer review prior to acceptance. Authors are asked to revise their manuscripts to take into account reviewer recommendations if the manuscript is favorably reviewed.

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May LASER ASU-Tempe: Solving Wicked Problems

Thursday, May 13, 10:00 - 11:00am Arizona Time (find your time zone here)

Panelists: Julian Bleecker, Jonathon Keats, and Stacey Kuznetsov

The world seems full of intractable problems: pandemics, global warming, racial injustice, economic upheaval. These are huge problems that will require thinkers who are able to consider  these topics expansively -— thinkers who take risks, make unusual connections, thinkers who think inside of the box because so many others struggle to think outside of it. Today we are celebrating three people who are hard to put labels on. Yes, they are artists, but they are also philosophers, engineers, designers, technologists. Ultimately, they are problem solvers. Jonathon Keats, Stacey Kuznetsov, and Julian Bleecker will be talking about their work and the innovative ways that they are approaching the world’s problems.