Resilience: From Cells to the Human Experience

resilience of cells

We will talk about the concept of resilience as seen through the lenses of biology, Black Lives Matter, and curation as a tool to bring communities together.  Can biological systems inform us about our own abilities to be resilient? How can we combat discrimination and bigotry to create a better society?  How can creative communities be built and maintained? Can we create a new renaissance and pay attention in new ways?

During these apocryphal times, it is tempting to believe that all is lost. Similar to when we receive a cancer diagnosis, the future is suddenly imperiled. But recent history has proven that humans (and their biology) are resilient creatures capable of withstanding floods, fires, civil unrest, disease, and violence. (At least for most of us and at least so far.) So what are the requirements needed for true resilience? How can we not only survive these tough times but thrive in them? Let’s look to biology, culture, and community to see if we can develop some strategies.

Our panelists for this session are: cancer researcher Carlo Maley, media artist Chris Johnson, curator Jenny Lam

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