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This knowledge enterprise provides leadership to advance ASU's transdisciplinary art-science research,  creative practice and international profile in the field. The partnership catapults Leonardo/ISAST and its constituent publications, programs, and global network, to a new level of growth, capacity, innovation and impact. Working together, ASU-Leonardo champions the convergence of  arts, sciences, and technology for the benefit of all.

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ASU-Leonardo Initiative needs volunteers

The ASU-Leonardo Initiative is looking for five volunteers with basic computer skills to help with data entry and data reorganization. The project will last for 1-2 weeks. Official volunteer hours and a coffee gift card will be provided at the end of the project. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email




How can we become more human and more humane?

What do you get when you bring together art, science and technology? A powerful way of galvanizing people, says Diana Ayton-Shenker.

Between Classes: Season 3 Episode 5, Diana Ayton-Shenker

Dean Tepper walks and talks with Diana Ayton-Shenker, executive director of the new Arizona State University-Leonardo partnership and CEO of Leonardo/the International Society of Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST). Ayton-Shenker shares how she hopes the ASU-Leonardo partnership will impact the world.

ASU AME Digital Culture Speaker Series: "Love in the Time of COVID-19" (Diana Ayton-Shenker)


"Love in the Time of COVID-19: how can we humanize digital culture, by socially connecting while physically distancing?"

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Keynote by Diana Ayton-Shenker - Symposium: Art-Science Residencies

Diana Ayton Shenker - Creating initiatives at the intersection of art science and technology

Diana Ayton Shenker - An appetite to work across borders

Week 1 of "Around Nature" Series: The Value of Nature